The inspiration of this project came when we needed a simpler way of note taking. Often times when attending a lecture the professor will move very quickly through his notes, not allowing enough time for students to write down everything before it is erased off the board. With NoteCaster that issue is no more.

What it does

With NoteCaster you can seamlessly take a photo on your phone and drop it directly into a Google Doc on your computer. This allows for quick note taking without having to deal with handling photo files or reformatting notes during or after the lecture.

How we built it

For the IOS app we used XCode, Swift, and the Google REST API. On the Google Doc add-on we used HTML, CSS, Javascript and Google Drive Cloud storage.

Challenges we ran into

With such a short time to work on our project, our first challenge was developing a strategy for splitting up work that would ensure we would finish in time. Our second big challenge came while we developed our individual parts since we all had to learn several new languages, IDEs, or APIs. Lastly, bringing it all together involved a lot of collaboration as we ironed out bugs and helped each other finish up areas that we weren't quite finished with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming out with a working product was an achievement in itself, but we are most proud of the skills gained from working on this project. Moving forward, we will be able to use these skills to pursue both our careers and personal projects.

What we learned

While the work was strategically split to ensure we would finish in time we all learned a great amount including the following; how to use XCode and Swift to create a working IOS app, working with HTML and CSS to create an add-on within Google Chrome, and how to connect these two platforms through the cloud hosted Google Drive API.

What's next for NoteCaster

In the future we hope to add further functionalities such as a more personalized experience within the application or the doc add-on. We also would like to move to an extension in the chrome browser itself to allow for use on multiple websites.

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