"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

--Nelson Mandela

What is NoteBit?

NoteBit, a play on Notebook, is a new way for students to improve their educational experience. Students are able to take notes through a live webapp (yes, especially during class), share notes via uploading them to a database, search available notes by school, share and lend books, and get help from tutors using our exhaustive application. Unlike other note taking applications, NoteBit's core functionality is completely free. We also support most filetypes for documents. NoteBit allows students to search by keywords, class name, or the note's name.

Who could benefit from NoteBit?

Our primary goal is to benefit students that don't have access to many resources and those who want to learn more. Professors would benefit as well, as students who missed lectures would be able to get notes from their classmates versus having to get them from the professor, leading to better grades. Students benefit as well from our bookshare feature by saving money on books each semester or getting access to out of stock books. Our live tutor chat is also a bonus benefiting both student and professor. Tutors and fellow students are able to help others grasp concepts.

How did we do it?

We used Cloud9 IDE and were able to collaborate, code, and debug in real-time with eachother on this project. We built the app using Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We started by adding a rtf text editor to allow students to type out their notes in class. Next, we addded an upload feature using open source code from developer.mozilla.com. After that, we added a filter search feature to see what students uploaded or wrote based by school using javascript quick search library. We developed our bookshare system, then we used an open source version of twitch chat to implement our tutor chat. Lastly we added our Auth Register and Login as well as our About page.

What challenges did we run into?

The challenges we ran into ranged from simple coding errors to us scrapping our original design. Also, our team has 3 programmers with very little JavaScript experience. Other than that we worked well as a team and were able to overcome almost every obstacle we faced.

What is next for NoteBit?

Creating a live version on aws that students can use right away is our next step. Next we would authenticate users for our TutorChat system, to ensure no foul play happens. Lastly, we would help make the world a better place for stressed out students.


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