Have you ever gotten tired of paging through an old notebook, trying to resurrect an old phrase or equation? With Noteable, you'll never have to again. You can instantly scan a sheet of notes using your iPhone or iPad, and bring the page to life!

Taking semesters of classes in which we tried to take notes on a tablet, or follow along in a math class while typing in LaTeX, has taught us that there are still tasks that should be left to pen and paper.

With Noteable, you can bridge the gap, maintaining the ease and comfort of writing in your notebook while gaining the ability to save a clean sheet of typed and searchable notes.

While all people could probably use some advanced digitization software every once in awhile, Noteable targets the academics, the writers, the people who don't have the time to worry about a mess of file archives.

We could all use a product that converts the notes we write every day into a new pleasing and interactive experience, one that makes it a breeze to scan back through old archives.

PennApps 2014 Fall

Jason Brooks Sachith Gullapalli Micah Rosales Minh Tri-Pham

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