Note My Problem is the ultimate aid to students who would like to further their education past the standard course lecture. As students ourselves, we struggle to both understand concepts while taking detailed notes during course lecture.

What it does

Note My Problem enables students to record a complete lecture transcript that not only contains the material covered in the lecture, but enhances the material through embedded links. A student can manage multiple notebooks within their Note My Problem account, and at the beginning of a lecture, the student will start a new notebook page and begin recording. Utilizing IBM Watson, we record the lecture though any mic that is available to the student, translate speech to text and then Watson finds core concepts within the lecture. These concepts will have hyperlinks to additional information regarding the subject, which would aid the student if it is unfamiliar to them or they would like to learn more. The student is also able to browse additional concepts that Watson has inferred through the lecture material, and view books related to the subject matter.

How we built it

Note My Problem was made possible by both the IBM Watson Speech to Text and Alchemy APIs. The Speech to Text API enabled us to receive full and accurate transcripts that are recorded by the student's laptop microphone. The Alchemy API receives the transcripts and identifies the core concepts that have been expressed throughout the lecture. To enhance the course transcript we utilized the Wikipedia API and linked the core concepts noted by Watson, to their respective pages. We also linked the inferred concepts from Watson on the sidebar to their Wiki pages. In case the student continues to struggle and requires additional reading material, we incorporated the Amazon Product Advertisement API, to display a related text that the student may be interested in.

Challenges we ran into

Watson API usage limitations, Amazon API returning unrelated books, Picking a website color scheme

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing Watson APIs to improve something we do daily.

What we learned

tl;dr ALOT

Watson, JavaScript, API usage, Web Design...

What's next for Note Your Problem

Finalizing features such as account handling, subscription purchases, and notebook management

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