With 3/4 of our team comprised of students, we choose to develop a project inline with education. Due to the novel coronavirus, we have all been forced to learn virtually; however, this is approach does not always work for students. Our inspiration is to create a platform that allows students with different learning styles to easily be accommodated. Auditory learners will have the ability to listen to the live lessons as they currently do. Visual learners will have the ability to see both entire lecture notes and lecture summaries. Tactile learners will have the ability to complete 5-minute quizzes and interact with our chatbot.

What it does

  • Increase Engagement
  • Pre-made Questions
  • Study Guide Creation
  • Feedback on Lectures
  • Lesson and Lesson Summaries Transcript
  • Archive of Information

How we built it

alt text

Tech Stacks & dependencies

🤖 Backend 🪟 Frontend 🖥 Machine Learning
Django-rest-framework Nextjs Deep ai's summarizer
Python Chrome extention Matplotlib.pyplot
Azure HTML/CSS Pandas
Digital ocean Javascript Numpy
PostgreSQL Tailwindcss Textblob Spacy en_core_web_sm
React-Toast-Notifications Gensim
React-Simple-Chatbot Regular Expression
React-Loader-Spinner Textblob
Note-Worthy Chatbot

Challenges we ran into

  • Handling background processes in Chrome Extension
  • Generating real-time quizzes after some fixed intervals of time
  • Generating summary of the transcript
  • Integrating the chatbot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Developing a Chrome extension dashboard to convert lectures to text
  • Generating questions from summary using a Naive-Bayes Machine learning model
  • Providing Graph analytics based on sentiment analysis for better understanding of lectures

What we learned

  • How the background processes work in a chrome extension
  • Integrating chatbot into a website

What's next for Note-Worthy

  • Allowing teachers to prompt a quiz on demand
  • Assist students by identifying weaknesses and providing resources
  • Adding Lecture Insights for Webcam on sessions
  • Connecting chat with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Built With

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