When I started coding, the initial hurdles were to remember the things I learnt in that particular tutorial. I would add comments above code snippets to make sure I remembered what that particular code did. This helped when I was reading the code, but when I wanted to refer back that code in some other project, I had to keep searching my project directory. Also during the tutorial I used to note down the important tips and tricks that the instructor used to mention. Writing them down on a paper proved inefficient as I again had to search through pages.

This extension will help new coders to mark code snippets and write brief comments about them which would get saved in a single file inside the project directory. Suppose, I want to save how I implemented authentication using node.js I can just select the important lines of code snippets and click the extension to save it in a new file with my added comments. I can refer the same code snippet later on just by opening that file instead of searching the entire project directory.

This is exactly the extension I needed but didn't find any. This extension has lot of scope to be improved by adding code tracking and other features which would really help beginners. I hope this extension would help new coders to improve their efficiency and help them in their future projects.

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