How many times have you written down a note in class and later when you were revisiting it you lost the context or the meaning of the note taken? You wish if you could go back in time and hear what the professor said, what prompted you to take that note, the additional details which you failed to capture at the time. Those minor details could make a difference between an A or a FAIL (sorry about the little drama here :)).

Note-E-Zee lets you record lecture audio while you are taking your notes on paper. Even better, you can associate those notes with the audio by bookmarking the audio clip when you capture that note using Google Glass.

These notes are then pushed to the cloud so you can review them later using a simple and easy web interface.

So no more loosing context of that note you took and forgot why the heck did you take it in first place.

Primary Target User


Key Features

Capture notes using Glass Camera Pictures are associated with the audio bookmark which helps you get to the audio the time it was recorded

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