Inspiration for Notary ROAD sprung from firsthand experience with the challenges inherent in getting documents notarized. From both sides of the process with the notary and the signer. Notarization is time-consuming and often inconvenient. With a need for physical presence from both parties, this process is decidedly analog and out of step with today's digital world.

What It Does

With the advent of Notary ROAD, both signers, whose documents are to be notarized, and notaries, who notarize the documents, have new, and better, options for satisfying old standards.

As a signer you will be able to book an appointment with a notary, upload necessary documents for identity verification, select a notary service and make a payment. Then, upon successful payment, you will be directed to a notary session page, which will have details for your session where you can video conference with a notary, and get your documents notarized and recorded. Safely, securely, and adhering to all legal requirements.

As a notary, you can subscribe to leverage white label Notary ROAD's platform, and offer your own services without having to recreate the wheel or do any real technical lifting.

How We Built It

Notary ROAD was built using the react framework for the website. We used storj (AWS SDK) for the file storage and OortDSS to host data files. Jotform and calendly were used for user email verification and appointments and Veriff for user verification. Last, but not least, hardhat and ethers were used for the smart contract.


Challenges often arise from advancement. For us, some were:

Deploying to the blockchain

Storing data on Storj

Working with developers and a team distributed across the globe/different time zones.

Language barriers

Organizing, managing and delegating to the team Understanding Olympus and solidity programming


Lack of coding experience from non dev team members (e.g deploying smart contracts, coding in hardhat)

Culling ideas and filtering out features to find a minimum viable product

Accomplishments That We’re Proud Of

Over the course of this project we've:

Onboarded 10 early adopters and notarized their documents using Notary ROAD.

Set up accounts with a vast amount of web 2 modules to onboard.

Identified several notaries with interest in using our platform.

Submitted for web3 stack hack promptly.

Worked with developers across the globe.

Created and developed a product video with professional voice over.

Established relationships with the top 2 ID Authentication processing services, Veriff and

Established a relationship with the top web3 blockchain and decentralized storage platform, Oort.

What We Learned

Coding isn't as easy as people say it is, but with focus, determination, teamwork, and a community dedicated to helping each other, big ideas and seemingly insurmountable challenges are minute.

What's Next For NotaryROAD

Move beyond proof of concept and roll out a fully functional product to a larger set of early adopters and refine the offering and experience.

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