Trying to get notified for updates for a conference is always an uncertain process, before you know it, all tickets are sold. So we wanted to create a service that notifies users whenever a website has new content so that they don't miss conferences, promotions or the chance to be the first one to read fresh content from any website.

How it works

Login into the dashboard by providing your email and password, and provide the url that you want to follow, and that's it!

Challenges I ran into

Basically architecting the JSON API for creating interacting with the backend of the application as well as building the asynchronous jobs that would take care of visiting each website and notify users if there's something new were the biggest ones.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementation of well designed application.

What I learned

Routing, concurrency and a lot of core concepts of Go.

What's next for not_golang_experts

We'll see how we feel about continue working on it!

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