No existing tools for travellers to compare infectious disease risks of destinations alongside other considerations, such as flight cost. This results in travellers being poorly informed of potential risks they may face.

What it does

Uses the SkyScanner API alongside WHO infectious disease data in order to give disease risks alongside other considerations.

How we built it

Used the SkyScanner API to get prices from previous searches for flights to destination country and neighbouring countries. Got WHO health data for selected infectious diseases in the destination country as well as nearby countries. Wrote website to return the prices of flights alongside infectious disease rates in these countries.

Challenges we ran into

SkyScanner API was difficult to use. Lack of time to automate whole system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a lot done despite not having much coding experience.

What we learned

Learned more html. A good introductory hackathon. Good practice at using new APIs.

What's next for SafeFly

Improve complexity of disease safety algorithm to improve accuracy of safety score

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