Inspired by a viral internet meme, the Tide Pod Challenge has made headlines across the globe in the past few weeks. Degenerates of all ages have indulged themselves in this new-age delicacy, which until now has been exclusively consumed by washing machines. As a team of average ordinary everyday superheroes, and inspired by the latest and greatest in Silicon Valley, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate the masses and answer the biggest question of our time - is the food you're eating really a Tide Pod?

What it does

Saves your life really. Donations will be accepted at a later time.

How we built it

Android Studio, IBM Watson Visual Recognition, Compassion, Java

Challenges we ran into

The challenges were many - we had to find out how best to reduce this incredibly sophisticated state of the art image recognition paradigm into an intuitive user-interface (keeping our target audience in mind). We finally settled on the pinnacle of simplicity: one button.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Saving one life one button at a time.

What I learned

With great power comes great responsibility.

What's next for Not Tidepod

Classify Tidepod flavors.

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