Team name-Hackhletes


  1. The fireside chat with Ms. Georgette Tan
  2. A lecture on innovation, upward mobility, and social growth by Prof. Raj Chetty available on youtube where he shows how significant gender-specific exposure effects are for encouraging innovation His research shows that if girls were as exposed to female inventors as boys are to male inventors, the gender gap in innovation would fall by half.
  3. The need to resolve the gender pay gap, much of which is caused by the fact that women don't take up higher paying jobs

What it does

It provides girls access to career guidance based on their interest, since many of them might be living in regions where resources and guidance may be scarce. It also allows them to interact with women working in those fields, and be inspired by their success.

How we built it

We brainstormed and researched for the 1.5 days, and then began working on the project after extensive discussion. We built the prototype of the app using Adobe XD, and used python to make a simple model of how the subject selection would work. Then we used Adobe PremierPro and iMovie to create the video presentation

Challenges we ran into

We were working on the video until 2am and right when we thought it was over, Fatima discovered that multiple clips had either disappeared or ruined the flow of the video because of a corrupted file. Instead of panicking, she discussed with her teammates and fixed up the video until 3:30am in the morning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did extensive research and spent a lot of time on actually crystallizing our ideas. We are proud to have not only put so much thought into the project but also presenting it in a way that we deem satisfactory within the time limit.

What we learned

  1. How to use Adobe XD
  2. How to remain calm in frustrating situations
  3. More about SDG5, and the importance of female role models in encouraging girls 4.Sleep comes secondary to projects(lol)

What's next for Empowher

Developing the actual app and a database of careers, as well as creating pages with general info about the professions Creating a network of volunteers consisting of working women and women in college to actualize Empowher Developing the "A day in the life...." videos, the hands-on VR experiments, and other supporting material Ensuring that the app reaches developing regions so that underprivileged girls can use it

Built With

  • adobe-premiere-pro
  • adobe-xd
  • imovies
  • python
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