The 6-8 million Americans that don't eat meat and the 2 million vegans are the inspiration to make Not So Sure, since both populations have limits on their diets for the betterment of their own health, the lives of animals, and the overall health of the planet. Any work to make the selection of their food into their diets easier and more accurate also serves the three goals above.

What it does

Not Soy Sure? reads ingredients from a label, runs that list across a database, and tells you which ingredients are vegan and which are not.

How I built it

The app is built using React Native and JavaScript. It also uses MLKit to read text from images. An ExpressJS server delivers the results to the app.

Challenges I ran into

A big challenge was getting MLKit to work with React Native. We had to create a native module for iOS in order for it to run. Another challenge was finding the sources of certain chemicals, because the same compound that is used as an ingredient can be derived from an animal, a plant, or be synthesized in a lab.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a text recognition app that has real world applications, and making the every day lives of a rapidly expanding plant based community

What I learned

I learned the basics of MLKit and how to create native React Native modules. I also learned about the chemistry of food, the derivations of common ingredients, and a lot about the vegan diet.

What's next for Not Soy Sure?

Not Soy Sure? is expandable with the possibility to implement search results for individual ingredients, adding google search functionality, adding a sponsored section of the app with a list of vegan snacks and food from sponsors in order to monetize the app, and possibly adding recommendations for all-vegan snacks.

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