When we brainstormed, our group wondered about what issues we found in our work. We listed out a few ideas and figured out that one of the main driving factors of our issues was our habits. Our bad habits seemed to be sprawling everywhere and affecting our lives, so we decided we needed to tackle this problem.

What it does

Our project is a discord bot that allows people to add habits and track them in a fun and easy way. There are two categories: making and breaking a habit. People can add a good habit that they want to make or add a bad habit that they want to break. NotAnymore can be used to add so many different habits; for example, making sleeping habits, mental health habits, a water drinking tracker, and so much more!! Users can also gain points from your habits and track their streak by checking in for both habits. Users can easily check their own profile in order to track their progress in their habits.

How we built it

We created it on using Python.

Challenges we ran into

One issue we kept on having was running our bot. We made duplicates of the same code because sometimes, our code would fail to connect. However, the website stopped working when it was running, which caused our bot to send duplicate messages and messed up our entire code. We solved this by creating a new bot and we were fortunate enough to be able to fork our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that our discord bot is functional! We had to work through a lot of bugs, as we made through each of our functions.

What we learned

We expected our project to be relatively simple; however, when we actually got down to it, it was extremely daunting and difficult. We were definitely taught the valuable lesson of not underestimating issues. We also learned a lot of new code, as some of our group members have never created a discord bot.

What's next for Not Anymore!

Not Anymore! can have more updates added to it for more motivation for its users, such as a leaderboard and customizable profiles.

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