Inspired by dating apps such as Tinder, Not Another Studying App (NASA) allows students with similar or complementary study habits to find each other.

What it does

Allows students to Create a verified account using their student ID and indicate their general study preferences They can then Login to their account and indicate where they want to study and what they are studying. Students will be matched based on location and preferences and given the option to message each other to finalize details.

How we built it

Apache CGI using python with html static pages.

Challenges we ran into

About half of our team had no python background and the other half had no real html experience. We lost most of Saturday to trying to get a django database to work and ultimately moved to another solution. The website is not functional due to lack of time but many of the components and pages are present.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Delegate specific jobs earlier in the project and don't use html editors that make single line css files.

What's next for Not Another Studying App

We wan't to develop this into a usable project for use at our respective schools but need to step back and spend some time thinking about what framework we can't to use and plan the app better.

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