Social connections and social support are hard during times of social distancing. There are support groups on FB and WhatsApp but those are messy with sometimes too many people in wo

What it does

We created a website where people can find and join WhatsApp support groups to Corona related problems in under 1 minute. Users can choose if they want to join a 1-to-1 chat or a group of max. 12 people. As of now we offer the three main topics loneliness, business problems and family but people can easily request new groups. Our technical solution allows us to automatically create new groups, send automated content and assign professionals such a psychologists to these groups.

How I built it

We modified the technology of our startup Uplift where we have the possibility to automatically create WhatsApp groups with a limited size. We are using Google Firebase for the Backend. For the access we built a landingpage with HTML and JS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a fully functional product within the 48 hours.

What's next for Not Alone

We will add more topics and try to find experts that will join the groups and support the users with professional help.

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