Not a Bomb

Waspoppin? *Your browser*

Your siblings using your laptop ?
Is your friend making you watch his boring gameplay?
Getting distracted for hours browsing the web? Getting tired and sluggish while studying for exams or just need some excitement in your life?
Maybe you're just evil?

The Not a Bomb™️ has many uses!

Nows the time to Blast it up!


  • Blasts off the links in your browser better than Elon's Rockets
  • Set the frequency of the bomb being planted in your browser
  • Once the bomb is planted, there’s no opting out
  • Cryptic puzzles Coming Soon

How it works

All you need to do is download it in your friend's computer and activate it once you do that do a video call and record their reaction. Once it's activated, It will pop up on their browser after a random number of browser updates and requires the puzzle to be solved to defuse the bomb, if they fail...Drum roll.... The bomb will go off and open a new tab for every single link it can find on the webpage you are in. And all the tabs will be opened instantly.

Problems we ran into

Things went pretty smooth, we had small hiccups here and there but we came through.

How we built it

We just wanted it to be simple and pranky we used Canva (design ) HTML, CSS, and JS

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were trying to make the bomb popup in the center of the screen, trying to make the cursor look like a wire cutter, Breaking CSS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, we made a cutting wire revolution in the world of Pranks. We combined extension and the power of 100+ google Chrome tabs to create the evilest prank of all (p.s Open 100 tabs in your Browser you will understand )

What I learned

We learned how fun hackathons can be. We used a step by step approach and deligation of work. we learned about how to make a chrome extension from scratch

What's next for Not a Bomb

We are just plotting the next big evil prank. We plan to add new randomised puzzles including wire cutting and pattern recognition. We also plan on tweaking the style by adding blast animations and a timer

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