Our inspiration came from the daily struggle of delegating chores fairly and effectively between housemates, as well as wanting to find a way to hold people accountable for not fulfilling their responsibilities.

NoseGoes is a virtual task board that allows the user to add and assign tasks to house members. There is a point system in which house members are rewarded for doing their chores on time and are punished with additional chores the following week if they fail to complete their tasks. Each user has their own user profile where they can add multiple homes where they can conveniently toggle between each set of chores.

We built our Web-Application using HTML and CSS for the Front End and JavaScript for the Back End, as well as Firebase as our platform. We began with a general discussion about the features we wanted to include and drew up sketches of each page. We then embarked on a programming journey filled with blood, sweat, and tears; highs and lows that would make a roller-coaster jealous. It was David versus Goliath...and the winner can be seen at this link: https://nosegoes-34831.firebaseapp.com/

There were many challenges that we along the way. We realized that we were not very thorough in our initial design process, and had to make many revisions to our code in order to achieve a better flow. We also underestimated how long each feature would take to complete, which led to very last-minute changes.

We are very proud of the overall design of the product, as well as the applicability this Web-Application has throughout the world, especially for us college students.

The biggest thing we learned throughout this experience wasn't just new tricks in the programming languages we learned, but how much we could accomplish in a short amount of time when we really put our minds to it.

Our next steps will be to improve functionality and the UI/UX of the website.

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