Northrop Grumman SD HACKS 2018 Jason Lieu - Brandon Lee - Brandon Lam - Duy Do -

This project uses Basys3 FPGA to link a PS2 keyboard to a monitor. This program is written with VHDL in Vivado. The monitor display changes depending on key strokes.

We encountered issues during the start of the project. The learning curve was steep because only one member of our team had any knowledge of FPGA, VGA, VHDL, Vivado, and Basys3. We had to learn from code available online and with the help of mentors. We overcame many hurdles along the way and successfully built and tested components to make a working prototype. A large issue was getting ourselves to see the project as hardware, rather than software. We slowly worked our way into it and are proud of our results.

Built With

  • basys3
  • fpga
  • ps2-keyboard
  • vga
  • vhdl
  • vivado
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