Going into University without our friends has made us relatively foreign to the environment and with the covid-19 situation, it made it even more difficult to find group mates for a project. Having went through this awkward and difficult phase, we aim to solve this by proposing project lunar.

What it does

Lunar aims to provide help in their darkest times, by providing a grouping service allowing people to actively search for groups instead of having to one by one messaging them to be faced with full capacity.

How we built it

We used php to create a web application to simulate how our programme will work .

Challenges we ran into

Due to the lack of time and lack of experience on our part, we were unable to build a telegram bot that could connect a database and provide real time information .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have been able to build a product closely similar to the one we envisioned it to be but we expect it to be better looking as well as more realistic with more time and also

What's next for NorthPole(038)

We are happy to be able to be part of this experience and we look forward to our next project as we gain more skills and experiences throughout our university life .

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