Working with mathematical modeling and as an auditor with internal control systems, I had an idea - it would be good to find a control system in the body. And I found it.

What it does

In the case of COVID 19, I believe that with this approach, it is possible to do things proactively to make the course of the disease easier. It can also reduce complications after the active phase of the disease. It can give results in a few weeks. I can make recommendations

It could be an online system with questions to help find out about your lifestyle, habits, illnesses, and other information that can help determine the effects on your body's control system. As a result of this survey, you could get suggestions on what you can do in the short term to strengthen the body's capacity within a few weeks. This system could be improved all the time. It is difficult to make such recommendations about diseases, but relatively simply about the body's control system.

How I built it

There were three parallel processes:

  • learning and tool development - analytical modeling, information security, management resource approach, map approach, projections and other,
  • learning and developing an understanding of the body's control system,
  • selection and development of tools for work with body control system blocks.

Challenges I ran into

Real time communication & prevention

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With this approach, I easily managed to quit smoking myself, to lose 30 kilograms of excess weight. I have not had the flu for four years.

What I learned

mathematical modelling, programming, systems dynamics, accounting, auditing, quality control, anatomy, phytotherapy, sauna, massages, physiotherapy and lot of other things.

What's next for Northern medicine

If people in my country, Latvia, would like to do it, then it is best to do it in the countryside. If many people did this, it would address rural employment. People would be healthier and different generations living together could help each other. It would also help to solve the demographic problem in our country. Latvia is one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world. Latvia could offer people from the rest of the world to clean up their health so that they can have healthy children. It would also increase the health of nations elsewhere in the world. Through Latvia, people of different nations would become to some extent like brothers and sisters. It would promote mutual understanding and peace between nations for common prosperity.

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