I really wanted to learn IOS development, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to learn it. I wanted to do something important and something I could use in my day to day life rather then just create something useless. Thats when I decided I would create an app for my entire school, an app that would help everyone stay organized and allow the user to receive notifications on important events. I am personally very disorganized with my work and could benefit from an app like this. If you can wish it, you can build it!

What it does

The app shows your name, your ID, the letter day (the letter day determines the schedule of classes), your schedule, a map of the school building, a list of homework you have, a few emails and numbers for emergencies, and special schedules. Later on, I have plans to implement twilio, so I can add text message alerts whenever we have a snowday.

How I built it

I built this solely on Xcode, using Swift. I used Make School and other hackers to guide me through any questions stack overflow couldn't answer. I also started an android part of the application, but started in the last 2 hours of the hackathon. I used a tutorial google offered and it was a bit more complicated and harder to understand, but thats to be expected.

Challenges I ran into

Swift,Xcode, and Android studio were all 3 new, different, and amazingly complicated things that I was trying to pick up. Finding resources for beginners wasn't easy, but I eventually found something to help me. Grammar and Syntax was also a very big issue for me. I was reading and hearing words like "storyboard" and "let", words I've never heard before. New words like those threw me off because I had never heard of them. Syntax is also a bit different for both languages. On swift, you no longer need semi-collins and android had all this talk about gradles and Java JDK's. On top of that, my partner left me (to go home) and had done no work whatsoever. Meaning it was up to me to do the entire project that was originally meant for two people. It was quite a mess, but I'm glad I tried it, because I ended up with a result. I created my first IOS app and started my first android project. All in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud to say that I created my first IOS. It's something I've really been wanting to pursue, but ultimately never had the proper resources until now. On top of that, my app is a useful app that could be used by everyone in my high school. It's an app that has a purpose and an app that will be used by students of Northern Highlands.

What I learned

At my time at hackBCA III, I've learned a couple of things. First, water does a better job at keeping you awake then soda. Trust me. Secondly, I learned so much Syntax and grammar while I was going over Swift and Android studio, it was amazing.

What's next for Northern Highlands App

I plan on polishing the IOS version and making an android version. After I finish both versions, I will propose these concepts to my school and attempt to have them implemented into the school system. It's going to change the lives of tomorrow.

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