Inspiration: After becoming more aware of the challenges those with disabilities and impairments face over the course of the pandemic and seeing the Willowtree category through PearlHacks, Sidney thought a directory of for things relating to education, health, job, and legal resources would be helpful to the NC community.

What it does: This app provides easy to access resources for North Carolina residents and and their loved ones to reach local resources relating to disabilities and impairments.

How we built it: We used to build it and imported some of Flutter's packages.

Challenges we ran into: Even though, we started as a four person team, due to conflicts, only two of us were able to put in the time to create the project. Originally, we began developing the app on Android Studio, how ever we ran into difficulties with the studio's emulator and switched to Flutter. With Flutter, being our first time using the tool, we had to look for the most effective way to display scrollable text.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We're proud that we have an easy to read and accessible webpage with disability resources for the entire state of North Carolina. We're also proud that we worked through our challenges in order to have a functioning application with new software neither of us have used before today.

What we learned: We learned some of the basics of the Dartpad language and the online IDE, as well as that it's really hard to create a project in a day, but with patience, things come together.

What's next for North Carolina Accessibility: We would like to install the Dartpad IDE so we could change the fonts, make the links open URLs, and add more functionality. Perhaps even ratings for services can be added. Once the app is fully functioning for NC, more states can then be added.

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