A 2D, side scrolling puzzle platformer in which the player controls Norman, a candle trying to make his way home.

About the Mechanics

Staying true to the theme - melt - and adapting it as a core mechanic of the game, objects around the game interact by burning, heating and melting one another. The player can light his own wick on fire, allowing him to melt barriers in his path, but be wary! It also depletes his wax. The player's light serves as his guide, his puzzle solving mechanic, his health points and his timer - thus simplifying the game screen and getting rid of unnecessary UI;

About the Code

The code is built in such an organic way, that level creation is made easy by dragging and dropping objects to a tile based map. All meltable object will actually melt if close to a heat producing object. The player character, Norman, will also melt by his own flame, and can melt other objects as well.

About Us

We are five Game Design students from Israel with great ambitions in the industry. Three artists: Shir, May and Rebecca - done a fantastic job creating Norman and hos surroundings. Dor & Gilad, entrusted with Game Design, Level Design and Coding - made great success at modulating the code to fit any level, and prove a very interesting mechanic that could easily be developed to a full grown game.


Beautiful hand drawn sprites and animations for Norman the candle and all the obstacles in his path. Bearing the general lack of light in the game in mind, every asset has been designed to be clearly identifiable with little information.


  • E for action (light object or snuff fire)
  • WASD for movement
  • Space for Jump

Built With

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