Initially, we thought life insurance was only an area of interest to the elderly. However, after investigating it during our brainstorming sessions, we realised that there were many opportunities to improve the standards and to revolutionize the field with a modern, technology-focused, data-intensive approach - our favorite passions.

We strongly believe that choosing, getting, and maintaining life insurance should be a simple and engaging process.

What it does

Norlife gathers data about a user and visualizes their habits in order to more accurately and fairly calculate their life insurance premiums. Norlife is also able to encourage users to live a healthier lifestyle and to remove the barriers that people feel prevent them from getting life insurance.

How I built it

We created an iOS app that utilizes a MongoDB database hosted on a DigitalOcean instance for back-end data processing. We also use several APIs (like Clarifai, Nordea, and Microsoft Cognitive Services) to gather data on a user's habits. The app provides an interface that shows how the user is scoring in terms of good habits, and gives feedback on the best and worst actions on a daily and monthly basis. It also offers a forecast on how the monthly premium can be affected by the current habits.

Challenges I ran into

Collecting and normalizing the data for a user was quite challenging, especially as we kept on wanting to grow our sources of data while analyzing/storing it at the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have built a fully working app with a robust, dynamic backend in one weekend. We're also proud of the data that we gathered and the way we were able to analyze it.

What I learned

We learned how to design a very robust, dynamic, modular database that was capable of interacting with various APIs. We also gained more experience in using NodeJS on the backend, and most importantly, we got good insight into the world of life insurance.

What's next for Norlife

We are looking forward to hearing Nordea's feedback to further understand the feel and see potential areas of growth.

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