The story behind this idea and application is that we were frustrated with a common problem in our lives but we also constantly kept hearing others have the same issue. The issue was long waiting and queueing times at the bank.

What it does

The app makes it possible for the customer to have an interactive time with a bot that ask questions about the customer’s visit. With the customer’s response the bot validates what the customer wants to do and then suggest that the customer he/ she can do it online (if the task is possible to perform online) or give them a code that the customer can show the cashier.

How we built it

The frontend was built with Preact and Redux as Progressive Web App.

And the backend was built with Node.js and a bunch of other dependencies.

The chat bot side was made with Ruby on rails.

We used Nordea's Open Banking API to get things like account information, user info, being able to make transfers etc with the bot that employs Machine learning on it.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we ran into was getting everyone to understand and start working on the idea. We had no trouble agreeing on what we wanted to explore, but it was a challenge sharing details, concepts and user-flow. After doing some paper-mocking, we got it straight and we the next challenge was getting everyone working on a part of the project without blocking or waiting on someone else. We did figure out how to get everyone working on something, but at a point we realized we had many components that was 30-50% done. Finally the challenge was finishing the MVP and getting SOMETHING ready.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our team. We also got a queue system working with sockets, chat bot with rails,

What we learned

  • Plan ahead
  • Communication
  • Care about sleep

We didn't plan that much ahead, we decided to go with the Nordea queue idea the day before and the planning reflected on our work a lot. On the first day (friday) a lot of time went to just get everyone to understand the idea and all the functions. Now we're super tired because we tried to get shit done the whole night so I guess you should care about sleep.

What's next for Nordea Queue

Connecting backend and frontend together. Finishing the MVP. Voice Recognition to text. Assistance with multiple errands at a bank. Chatbot able to understand more, like what you want to do at the bank from a single sentence, and sometimes determine you can do your errand online. Perhaps a hardware based solution for the banks that interacts with the app.

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