Team of 4 locals Don’t you hate it when you have barely 10 minutes between your classes and you think you have enough time to grab some coffee at Tims. However, when you get there the line is longer than your typical morning wait and it will be at least 20 minutes before you see any sign of a freshly ground coffee. Either you miss class or you miss your coffee.

What it does

With NoQ, skip the line and save your time. The concept of our app is basically a crowdsourced effort for users to check in at any restaurant/venue when they get there and check out when they leave. With a certain amount of users, we can approximate how long the line would be in real time and people will be able to judge if they can make it or not. The main incentive for people to contribute is a points system where discounts correspond to the amount of points you have.

How we built it

The front end of our app is done mainly in android with java/xml and the backend is done with javaspring with a database implement with SQLite. In order to provide an interactive interface for the user, we integrated the google maps API to our project; we have a map view of the nearby restaurants and venues.

Challenges we ran into

Literally our first hackathon and first time using android. It was pretty painful to figure everything out.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Learned android as well as we could in 24 hours and no sleep.

We wrote a haiku for NoQ:

Four men was her crew,
Lines she can skew and undo,
NoQ, app long due.

What we learned

First time use of Android, you hustle or you don't demo

What's next for NoQ

We'll work on it more and consider adding more features

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