It's incredible, with all the STUFF we have in the Developed World that we can't reuse more of it. We picked a narrow focus. Reusing toys - specifically plastic ones - because plastic lasts a LONG time and we have way too much of it in the ocean. Enter Plastix - a toy reUse app.

What it does

PlastX provides a platform for Families (Users) to share clean, non-broken, unwanted toys with other families. It also asks the User (aka adult family member) to electronically sign a pledge to stop buying new plastic toys.

How I built it

Group Ideation > Trello Project Management > HTML + CSS + Javascript + Firebase + GitHub

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We gave it go at our first Hackathon!

What I learned

Trying to include hardware with a software project takes extra time.

What's next for PlastX

We hope to anonymize the user contact info and provide a way for Users to remove listed toys that have already gone on to a new home

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