We are solving the problem of the isolation that results from constantly staying in one environment. Potentially, we could even remove students from possibly harmful and toxic environments in their permanent residences. Furthermore, our platform has a physical activity aspect through exploration which positively affects mental health.

What it does

Our goal is for students to leave the platform with 3 important key takeaways… (1) Increases self-confidence of the future reinforced in the exploration aspect showing students that they can accomplish great things in the nature that surrounds them (2) Improves physical and therefore mental health through exercise while exploring and having a greater connection to the natural environment (3) Better quality and safe human connections, creating a sense of community among students, who are among the ones greatly impacted by the mental, social and physical effects of COVID-19.

Users can sign into the app and receive notifications/tips on what kinds of activities they can do outdoors, given the pandemic. They can also interact with and support other users, as well as track their physical activity.

How I built it

We utilized 4 languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. However, due to lack of experience in PHP we weren’t able to fully get it to work. We also used AdobeXD for the graphic design portion.

Challenges I ran into

Our group tried our best to work with everyone’s skill set, but we had some trouble turning the UI/UX framework from AdobeXD into functioning codes in HTML/CSS. In addition, we had difficulties in creating the backend framework due to our lack of experience in that area. Furthermore, the limited time did not allow us to learn how to code certain elements of the website such as the profile and community pages. In HTML/CSS, we had problems with adjusting the width of the website elements, adjusting the font, and inserting images. In PHP, we attempted to store login information of our users so that they wouldn’t have to continue to sign in and answer questions every time they opened the website, but ultimately struggled with that as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that our websites has multiple pages and a working form. As beginner coders with a diverse skill set, we were not sure if we could create any sort of project. The ability to combine graphic design with our website was a cool part of the process.

What I learned

We learned a lot about all the programming languages in general, and how to organize code when building a website. We now better understand the importance of Back-End framework when building websites.

What's next for Noomi

If we had more time, we would complete the login system and learn how to make personalized recommendations to our users based on their indicated preferences and location. Along with the login system, we would make our profile and community pages functioning. Our goal with the community page was to also create a system where users could give each other motivation and support by using something similar to a like/high-five button, so we would like to implement that as well. Finally, we would fix the errors in our formatting.

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