Nooktab streams hourly Animal Crossing Music and doubles as an idle game. It's purpose is to boost productivity and motivate you to work through Animal Crossing's relaxing music and it's built-in idle game! Music is based what time it is for you.

Creation Proccess

I created everything by myself so it was very hard. Not only that, I had never worked with JS/APIs to the extent that I did here. All icons/graphics were created by me and everything was planned out on Figma. This was originally going to be a chrome extension, but I was hindered/ran into many problems creating it that way. To make up for these problems, I made it a web app instead and hosted it through Github Pages.


The hardest parts were finding out that playing music as a chrome extension through a "new tab" wasn't allowed. Not only that, testing was hindered because playing music through chrome required you to host the music files. Finally, I was having trouble with Gitbash pushing my commits

Hardest Hurdle

The hardest part of the entire project was working on it alone.


In future updates:

  • Make Time/Weather international (not just US)
  • Make the music consistent

click here to test it :)

Figma Planning

Built With

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