Hybrid office is here to stay.

What it does

Nook is a tool to drive collaboration in the future of the flexible workspace. A lot of people won't be in the office every day on a going-forward basis. That means that it is often very hard to collaborate in a productive manner (The other dev and I building this often lament the loss of easy physical whiteboard access). Nook is the tool to help bridge that gap and give a birdseye view of where people are working and what they are working on.

How I built it

Expo. one codebase to rule them all = android / ios / web apps. Backend is feathers.js

Challenges I ran into

Integrations. Oauth with Slack and building a minimal Slack app.

What I learned

Slack apis, MS graph apis. First time using feathers.js...1000% recommend. First time really using react native / easy :)

What's next for Nook

Is currently in MVP public beta....gathering feedback.

Built With

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