As freshman during the COVID pandemic, we found it hard to meet people in our online classes, and find groups to study with, which is one of things we were most looking forward to. We wanted to create a way for students to be matched with peers to study with, not only based on the classes they are taking, but based on common interests and personality matches as well. So, we created this website that takes into accout multiple factors when matching someone with a study group, and also added a chat feature, quiz feature, and attached Zoom link so students can use this site as a one stop shop.

What it does

The website has a few key features.

  1. Joining a room based on a room code - with a code that you can get from a friend, our recommended rooms for you, or the public room list, join the room that will be most helpful for you to study in.
  2. Creating a private room - you can start your own room and invite friends, so you can privately use all the tools that our site provides even if you have a study group already.
  3. Finding a room - the site uses machine learning to pplace you with other students that likely will be a good study match based on a few questions it asks you.
  4. Entering a public room - there are always public rooms open for various subjects and difficulty levels that you can join, if you don't mind working with any kind of person.
  5. Chat and Zoom feature - once you are in a room, you can text chat with other people in the room with our integrated chat box, or you can use the attached zoom link to video call if you would like.
  6. Quiz feature - create custom quizzes within each room to quiz yourself and your group members.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build each page, using sockets for many of our features, and deployed it with Herokuapp.

Challenges we ran into

We had some some difficulty initially setting up the sockets, because we had never used them before. The initial learning curve was steep, but once we figured it out, everything went smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have a fully deployed and functional app that can be accessed from anywhere using this link:

What we learned

We learned a lot about sockets and how a website has to be structured and organized before it can be fully deployed.

What's next for Nook n' Cranny

We want to develop our ML algorithm further so that we can take in more input parameters, and make our study group matches even better. Additionally, we would like to build our own integrated video chat feature to allow for easier use.

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