To promote preventive medication and reduce the root cause before it becomes a pain.

What it does

Provide end to end fertility services such as taking the test, diagnosis, supplemental treatments to improve sperm count and quality, sperm storage services along with connecting users to fertility clinics for deeper issues.

How we built it

1) Market Research - Interviews with Fertility Lab directors 2) Landing Page - Instapage, Viral Loops 3) Algorithm - Tensorflow Object Detection API

Challenges we ran into

1) TimeZone differences to run ad campaigns in India 2) Time consuming & laborious process of building up tensor flow object detection. 3) Lack of training data and samples affected quality of output

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Sperm Detection with 70% accuracy 2) User and Market Research 3) Landing Page and sample campaign

What we learned

1) Object Detection using Machine Learning and Faster RCNN. 2) A lot about sperm biology and characteristics.

What's next for NonuCare

1) Run a broader ad campaign to estimate user interest 2) Integrate with our online men's wellness startup to raise awareness about sexual wellness 3) Partner with Laboratories to test and store the sperm. 4) Launch

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