I didn't have a specific inspiration but I did want to make something just fun and not too serious to share with other people.

What it does

This is a fun holiday themed greeting app powered by A.I. This application uses A.I to generate a unique greeting card based on the starting sentence you choose.

Once you have a unique greeting record yourself reading the card for your significant other/parent/arch nemesis using the loom integration in the app. This video can then be shared with your aforementioned ~arch nemesis~ friend/work colleague!

How we built it

I built this application with python and flask for the web application, Htmx for creating a SPA-like application. I integrated for the text generation of the greeting cards and Loom's recording and embed sdk for screen recording.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into a few challenges getting the loom sdk working with flask, getting npm packages to work in flask was something new. In the end I solved the challenge by creating a node project in the static folder of the flask app and using webpack to bundle all the javascript and the node modules into one file that I used in the final project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of getting the flask app running with the loom sdk imported from node modules and the integration of deep ai.

What we learned

I learned a couple of things building this website:

  • Adding css animations to a flask app
  • Using npm packages and webpack with flask
  • Working with Loom's embed and record sdk

What's next for NonHumanFun

  • Additional holiday greetings
  • Additional greetings for other occasions
  • Saving the loom videos to share both the video and greeting
  • Using a library like itty.bitty to share the greeting card in a url

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