It's like the dinosaur game, but it lets you play as the character.

What it does

Based on a picture you take or upload it will generate the sprites for the game to use. It segments the image using Pytorch/Detectron and some filters are applied to it

How I built it

It's a flask server running Detectron Functions and P5js for the game engine.

Challenges I ran into

Found some coding bugs but I was able to fix them

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first project with p5js and detectron2, so it's really cool to learn them both at the same time and I am proud of watching my kids playing with them as characters.

What I learned

p5js, this is so cool!

What's next for TorchBoard

I will change some UI elements soon and I would like to generate NFTs to use with the Metaverse I would love to use reinforcement learning or genetic algorithms so TorchBoard can play itself.

Built With

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