While backlog grooming, we always have this urge to fix typos or adding extra remarks to the text that our teammates are writing! This project was born as a result of that.

Also, during sprint planning, we faced other issues like:

  • Estimating: as working from home is becoming a norm, we needed an easy way of estimating the stories.

  • Time: teams usually go overtime while grooming a specific story, so we added a cool timer.

What it does

It's for your team, to collaborate live while creating or updating tasks with some mini-apps (widgets) to help you along the way!

We extracted the main sections that our team needed for backlog grooming and added a live aspect to it.

The story (item) title and updates are a collaborative text area. Teammates can type simultaneously, fix their typos, and highlight texts (think of it as a mini Google Docs).

We had so much extra time (bragging!) that we created two magnificent apps that we always use during grooming sessions.

  • Timer app ⏳

The timer keeps your story planning in check (time-wise), so your team won't go over time.

  • Estimation app 🤔

This app will help your team estimate tasks (think of it as planning poker, but you don't need to leave the app!)

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