The grandfather of one of the members had a household accident just before going to sleep. Noone realized it until the next morning. All those hours of pain could have been avoided, and we wanted to be the ones to create the tools in order to do so.

What it does

By installing a set of cheap sensors all arround the house we can harvest real time data. This data produced by the sensors is sent by a RaspberryPi to a server using the Opentrends API. Obtaining all this data could be very intrusive. Therefore, we created the Android App in such a way that the end user can not acces any specific data. Instead he gets a general "Safety Indicator". This Safety Indicator, normally in color green, turns orange or red depending on the situation.

An orange indicator turns on a buzzer in the house. Stoping this buzzer pressing a button resets the Stafety indicator to green. Not stoping the buzzer turns the indicator to red and alerts the end user. A buzzer still sounding with a red indicator calls the ambulance after a while.

How we built it

We conected a set of sensors to a Raspberry-PI which using the Opentrends API we conected to a server. Each interaction sends data (json format) to the server. Once in the server an Android App in your phone requests the data and decides whether everything is okay or not. The sensors used were: Pressure sensor, Switch sensor, Red Button to stop the Buzzer, Rotary Angle Sensor (Grove Component) and a Buzzer (also Grove Component). In addition, the RaspberryPi sends periodic pings to the server, in order to check the absence of any malfunction.

Challenges we ran into

A few hours lost trying to make work or definitely broken WiFi adaptor. Problems with the json format and the software versions in the RaspberryPi. Buzzers just didn't want to work at the begining.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything works! We had an idea and we made it true.

What we learned

First time ever doing a Hardware hack. Conclusion: it is possible and fun!

What's next for SilentCare

Of course, putting all the sensors in a house in a non intrusive way and cheking that our app is a real solution.


Special thanks to Adrià Sanz who provided the designs for the logo and buttons that allowed us to have a beautiful app.

To Nicolas Grenié, who helped us sort out a problem with the autentification in the API.

To the Opentrends team for their support.

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