In today's information society, it's more apparent than ever that attention is a limited resource. Just look to Facebook. The moment you log in, you're slapped with bright red banners begging you to click them to see the picture your friend just posted, the message your aunt sent you, and the friend request from the guy you met once at a party. Our team designed Nirvana because we want to return control over attention to the user. In Nirvana, you can choose what you want on your homepage.

How it works

Nirvana uses the Facebook Graph API to manage your calendar events and Messenger inbox. We designed our interface using Bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

Facebook is deprecating their chat XMPP API at the end of this month, so we decided to give our web app a longer lifespan by reading messages through the Graph API and sending them using the Sharing SDK.

What's next for Nirvana

Our team plans to add additional modular functionality to Nirvana, including optional wall post, photo, group, and Facebook page components. We plan to continuously refine the UI and work towards giving users a more stressfree digital life.

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