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◦ Now, on one side, whether on a personal or on a professional level – Social Interaction has been the most heavily affected by COVID global crisis. We may say, we have "life before COVID" - and "life after COVID." ◦ On the other side, these times of Global crisis have hit the Tourism Industry and Local Businesses with one of the worst crises in history.

◦ Social Distancing COVID turned crowded, lively centers in "non-places", as described by Marc Augé – mere places of transit, where the human beings remain anonymous - and the event, or situation is not relevant enough to be remembered.

◦ A Non-Zone is the exact opposite of this. It's a personal place. A place with a Story. Where something has happened.

◦ Not a map of Locations, then but a map of Stories – to create a deeper human connection in the times of Social Distancing, and a richer traveling experience, whether somewhere on the other side of the world, or right downstairs, in a common road.

Industries & Audience

Tourism Industry - specifically:

  • Experiential Traveling / Travelers
  • Solo-Traveling / Travelers

Roles in the ecosystem:

  • "Zoners" - who create and discover new non-zones
  • "Explorers" - who visit and experience existing non-zones
  • "Curators" - who validate the new stories/non-zones created by Zoners

On one side, each new non-zone works as a template - so that every time a new Traveler likes the non-zone and adds a personal story/experience to it, the user who created it (Zoner) will get a monetary reward in the form of tokens.

On the other side, in these times of crisis for the Tourism sector, Merchants (restaurants, tourist-sector providers, etc) can join the Non-Zone ecosystem - boosting their business by accepting the ZONE tokens, and immediately appearing on Travelers' map.

This design keeps Non-Zone's experience fun, easy-to-use, and beneficial for all the categories involved in Experiential Traveling: content creators, travelers, and experiential service providers.

What it does - Our Product

Our Solution uses Storytelling, Geo-Fencing and Blockchain to create a global map of "special places." Users (Zoners/Travelers) can visit usual roads/streets - or may travel on the other side of the world - and can easily "pin" a new Story, based on their personal connection with it.

Any time Users "pin" a new location, coordinates are added automatically, and they need to add a title/description/hashtag for the Story to be added to the map.

The Mobile app works as a "Zone Detector" - sending Travelers a pop-up/audio notification any time they pass by a new non-zone.

It also works as an actual map for Travelers:

  1. Users can create their Zone-Itineraries, and travel based on the non-zones listed.
  2. Users can easily find Local Guides providing Tours in the nearby Zone.

Use of Blockchain:

We are building a Value-based Network using "Proof-of-Interaction":

  • Every non-zone is "minted" as a unique Non-Fungible Token
  • Zoners can profit when creating a new non-zone, that works as a digital property
  • Their profit depends on the "value" of the non-zone itself.
  • Value of a non-zone is established through the number, and the quality, of Interactions.
  • Explorers are travelers who discover and validate existing non-zones. If they want to interact with the non-zone - for example "signing in" - "adding to the wall" - "checking spot in Zone Passport" etc. - they need to use SPACE, an internal credit system.
  • Every time SPACE is used to interact with a non-zone, 10% of it comes back to the Explorer converted in ZONE Points: discount coupons to use with Merchants in Non-Zone ecosystem.

We use Storytelling, Geofencing & Blockchain to create every non-zone as a profit- sharing marketplace - and our Business Model was designed to be consistent with the vision of our ecosystem, and to maintain our network liquid and sustainable.

How we built it

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Firebase
  • Google-maps
  • Open Community Map

What we are proud of

In few days we turned Non-Zone from a draft project to a fully functional prototype that you can already download(!), we built a strong, balanced team – and we already engaged users in multiple hot-spots in Europe.

Next Steps for Non-Zone

We will continue building our online presence, release our website, and start publishing our user-generated contents. In 1 month, we will be ready to launch our product. For our Market Entry we will focus on countries such as Italy and France, with a rich cultural heritage - and a quick-track to partnerships, essential to us for onboarding real users and providing a better traveling experience.

Check out our Solution

Feel free to explore our project's repos on GitHub:

Or just try out our app at

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