How to garantee that the statistical report is not selective reportin and takes into account all sample data?

There is a need to quickly research large numbers of samples and try to develop a vaccine. As a consequence of the research, a large number of articles are published.

For example, 1.25 million scientific statistical studies have been written about covid. But only half of the statistical studies contain complete information about the initial sample.


How could we verify and prove to everyone that our results are not selective reporting?

50% of statistical studies do not consider all results.

Difficult to guarantee a non-selective reporting in the reviews of people in different industries. But it is very important to know all information to make the best choice,especially in the field of drugs and vaccines.

*Selective reporting is the reporting of results from only a selection of studies. Selective reporting can lead to publication bias. For example, if a greater proportion of studies with a positive outcome are reported than those with a negative outcome, a review of publications will be biased toward a positive result.


The product allows you to guarantee a big audience that your social polls or review are not selective reporting.

1.Google Form to create form with an appropriate configuration

2.Send the link to our application

3.Timestamps each response in a blinded way on the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain platform with a goal to guarantee that all votes will be taken into account

How it works?

1.Sign up for APP& Creating a form.Confirm your information. Construct form for your poll using a wide range of Google Form instruments.

2.Submission parameters & Payment.Leave a link to Google survey form, wait for validation of questions on the Hedera Hashgraph and pay for the service using Hashing Systems instruments.

3.Research flow.You can share a link to a Google form with survey participants. Our service automatically hashes each answer and store it in an orderly manner on the hashgraph.

4.Get reviewers on your research.Send the results of the responses to several reviewers and confirm that research results match the stored proofs.

5.Proof of non-selective reporting.In your application’s dashboard, share evidence of non-selective reporting with anyone, which consists of survey statistics, a link to saved proof, and a list of reviewers who checked compliance

Technical Solution

Web-app: Registering => Create Form =>Take participation => Get results

Google Form: Creating Form => Getting the information about questions => Getting every event

Hedera Hashgraph: Write a hash of each answer into blockchain => Everybody could check that the final result includes all users => Proof of Action of each participant

Why it is the best way to guarantee non-selective reporting?

-Using blockchain to hash data and guarantee the immutability of information

-Integration with Google Forms, without additional actions on the part of the survey participant

-An easy way to guarantee non-selective reporting by providing a link to our website and checking with thу blockchain

-A mechanism for finding independent reviewers to ensure the completeness and correctness of the stored data

Why Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain?

1.Less cost of transactions.

Hedera: cost in one transaction~ 0,0001 $. Ethereum: cost in one transaction ~ 0,1$.

Hedera: for reporting of 1000 participants <1$. Ethereum: for reporting of 1000 participants -100 $.

2.Orderly transactions in the blockchain

Who is our clients?

1.Authors of statistical studies and publications. Problem:How to be sure of the validity of linked results?

How to guarantee non-selective reporting on your research?

2.Companies and organizations providing research results. Problem: How to guarantee non-selective reporting on your research for a big audience?

Business model

Average cost of one survey is $ 20

Variable support and acquisition costs $ 10 per survey

Exit to the payback point is planned in the 4th quarter of 2021, break-even point in the 2nd quarter of 2021

To do this, you need to make monthly starting from 10 to 50 sales with an average cost of $ 20

$ 10,000 is needed to bring the first version to market


  1. Use Google Chrome browser and install an extension Composer for Hedera hashgraph (link:

  2. This app manages private keys for Hedera and allows you to sign transactions (like MetaMask for Ethereum).

Create your personal key pair for Hedera Hashgraph testnet. You can do it here (link: After that, import registered account into Composer app.

  1. Now you have an account with a non-zero balance.

  2. Follow the link to our website and pay for Google Form timestamping.

Tech Instruments & APIs

  1. Google Form's events listener - Google Apps script

  2. Timestamping of Google Form's responses - Hedera Hashgraph Consensus Service

  3. Key management & Transaction signing - Composer for Hedera Hashgraph


NON Selective Reporting is a complete product to guarantee a big audience that your social polls or review are not selective reporting.

Prototype of the NON Selective Reporting

Video-presentation of the NON Selective Reporting

The product allows you to guarantee a big audience that your social polls or review are not selective reporting.

During this hackathon:

  • We have created a fully working web application to guarantee a big audience that your social polls or review are not selective reporting.

  • Use the Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain and Hashing System for fast and low-cost storage of the hash of information.

  • Our prototype are fully working and easy to use

We want faster progress in scientific research and avoid the problem of selective reporting!

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