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Non Fungible Prints is a platform that turns any kind of NFT into a physical object, which can be either a key ring or a figure. Every objects that represents the NFT token, has also printed NFC chip on it, which stores info about the NFT, and later on can work as a physical token for identification.

The platform works in the following way:

  1. User connects wallet to the dapp
  2. Available NFT tokens on the given account are displayed in the dashboard, and user is able to place an order to "print" physical representation of the given NFT
  3. User selects the form of the print (key ring or figure)
  4. User pays for the service, printing, and the shipping costs
  5. Once the physical token is ready, user can set it's status as active or inactive
  6. State of the physical token can be then verified by anyone, on the dedicated app
  7. Token can be sold with the NFT or kept, but only the owner of the NFT can change it's state ## Tech stack

The smart contracts are built with Solidity and deployed to the Polygon Mumbai network. The Graph is used to query the data from the smart contract, so that anyone can verify the physical token, without a need to connect wallet.

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People like to think and talk about digitalising physical objects. But what could be achieved doing the opposite? What, if we could see and touch our NFT collections as physical objects in form of figure, jewellery or pendant? We have taken this idea and used power of Blockchain together with 3D printing and Near Field Communication technology to enhance original NFT utility.

What it does

You can take any NFT from any existing collection and connect it with chosen physical object that will be printed just for you. This tangible object will include your personal and build-in NFC tag with option to activate, deactivate or even it within our Dapp.

To use our Dapp, you can use any mobile phone with active NFC reader. Almost every modern smartphone can be used.

How we built it

Fast and flawless ;)

Challenges we ran into

Poor support for NFC technologies in web browsers and mobile browsers, implementing Tenderly. Challenges with combining NFC and Smart Contracts in safe manner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can proudly say, that we provided PoC which is functional and shows real utility for our idea. Basic use case works and can be used in real life.

What we learned

NFT's with more physical matter can be really powerful combination which may be a bit complicated to implement, but opens a lots of interesting use cases.

What's next for Non Fungible Prints

Extending the functionality and support of other chains, as currently only Mumbai is supported.


UseDapp Bounty $1000

Frontend app is using the UseDapp library for the connection with wallet and smart contract

Challenge #1: Best app using blockchain without showing it $3000

Verification application uses The Graph to query the data, therefore no metamask or any wallet is needed to read the data from the blockchain. User doesn't even have to know that there is blockchain behind the scenes.

Challenge #2: Best app using Ramp $2000

In case the user doesn't have MATIC tokens to pay for our services, RAMP Network can be used to buy top up the wallet with crypto assets.

Challenge #2: Demonstrate a Web3 automation using Tenderly Web3 Actions. Prize: 4000 USD

We use web3 actions, for listening on the events on our smart contracts, that later on trigger the bot on our official Discord channel and inform us about ongoing order, what eventually would also trigger 3D printer automatically, once the payment is confirmed.

ETHWarsaw Foundation

Our application connects both virtual world and real world, to make life easier and simplify the web3 related processes. Additionally, it adds the physical representation of the crypto assets. The code is complete, application works, we have several repositories with the documentation, plus everything is deployed so everything can be tested and verified that it works.

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