Went over Twitter we'd found a tweet that said "fantom needs a staking product for NFTs". We took a look at @cardinal_labs on Solana and immediately started working on the project.

What it does

Staking: Create staking pools for ERC721 collections, and reward users with ERC20 tokens for staking NFTs.

Rentals: Users can lend their NFTs and other users can rent the NFTs.

How we built it

Solidity and React!

Challenges we ran into

Chainbase doesn't work fine with Testnet, so we were debugging in the Mainnet :)

What we learned

Fantom chain abilities and useful tools;

ERC4907 token standard

What's next for Non Fungible Factory

Staking: Create a special contract for pools, so separate the main business logic


1) Validate contracts

2) Implement rental queues when an NFT in high demand

Built With

  • chainbase
  • next.js
  • react.js
  • solidity
  • vercel
  • wagmi
  • walletconnect
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