Current and past nomorepass users have demanded with some assiduity the possibility of having a way to "share" passwords with other users on a permanent basis, either with family or with work teams. Implementing this new functionality leaves aside the inherent anonymity of the current app and opens up possibilities for new types of users, especially corporate, who wish to have more control over what is done with the passwords of the company's systems.

What it does

Nomorepass for teams (NMPxT) is an app (or extension of the existing nomorepass app) that stores in a secure and decentralized way all the credentials for a group of people. It is more important than ever to protect all the security tokens avoiding possible leaks, hacks and lost of connectivity that can arise in the confinement phase.

How I built it

We have already in place the protocol to exchange secure tokens in our app already in the market, we are going to extend the concepts to make a P2P network of credentials backed by a enterprise controlled permissions that can limit the access with geographical or scheduled rules.

Challenges I ran into

Password policies in corporate are mostly weak and difficult to establish, people tend to store in very insecure way the credentials (even for the company accounts) and change minds is more difficult that develop technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nomorepass app, more than 10k installations and hundreds of daily users. Team experienced and committed.

What I learned

People, in general, doesn't matter about security, mind is not ready to store secure passwords, it is better to forget the passwords and let the mobile phone be your assistant.

What's next for NoMorePass for teams

Develop the app extension and the backoffice api.

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