As young professionals, we are very much inspired to travel around europe whole year. One of the major problem we run into is being out of the ideas where to travel next. Also we are more interested into adventure and culture exploration rather than luxury, so we are always keen on looking for cheap flights.

This motivated us to come up with a solution that can bring us with newest places of interests combined with the cheapest flights possible.

What it does

It fetches for the places of interests around the world, combines it with the best possible flights for flexible dates and presents it to the user. the methodology is more of a game like, where the user dosen’t have to give lots of travel filters and select multiple things, rather it focuses on simplicity and interactivity. The user can play around by swiping or clicking the detail of a particular place of interest combined with flight. It aggregates the data from flight providers and places of interests and map them accordingly to the destinations

How we built it

We built it with passion and combining kiwi api with flikr + google places

Behind the stage

Challenges we ran into

  • Data aggregation
  • Performance
  • New apis
  • Usability
  • Gamification

What we learned

we learned how difficult it is to make things simple

What's next for nomoremallorca

  • user preferences
  • image recognation for the places of interests
  • sharing
  • hotels + flights
  • group booking (in future)

Built With

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