Have you ever suddenly found some rare free time? Wanted to grab food before that concert or go tour around the city right before your next hackathon? You're not alone! We want a new way to inspire adventures and a greater sense of community with like-minded people.

What it does

Nomofomo brings back the spontaneity in your life! Easily view events that people are participating in the next 8 hours or share activities inviting others to join you. By accessing the web app, you can immediately view some of the awesome activities that people are planning to do soon in your area. Feel free to tap on the left if that event isn't up your alley and tap on the right to show interest. Your top 4 interested events will be conveniently located at the top for your review. Once you have checked your schedule, fill out the confirmation form for your desired event. Just like that, your host will be able to get in touch with you.

How we built it

Using Reactjs and Flux for our front-end and Sinatra/Ruby for our backend. Built/compiled by Gulp. We are also hosting our application on Microsoft Azure. We also take advantage of the FB API for logging in.

Challenges we ran into

Simplifying the multitude of possibilities that nomofomo offers. Using tools we never worked with before or were rusty on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Evolving our ideas to something that we would really want to use. Working really well as a team.

What we learned

The difference between Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. How to integrate Reactjs + Flux with a Ruby back end. How to use Travis CL. How to integrate API's.

What's next for nomofomo

Next we want to allow prioritizing and sorting of events. Taking advantage of Yelp API to provide more information.Integrate easy payment options if people want to pitch in.

Don't let your dreams be dreams!

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