It need not be said, but Covid-19 has had a large and lasting impact on many of us. However, one industry that has been placed under particularly heavy pressure is the restaurant industry. Over 110,000 restaurants have permanently shut down in the US alone, which accounts for 17% of the total industry in the US.

As a response, many restaurant owners have moved to mobile e-commerce platforms such as UberEats, Skip the Dishes, and Door Dash, and while this has helped meet the demand for delivery, this has also lead to large operational cost pressures on restaurant owners. We also recognize that there are many smaller businesses that do not have as much access to technology and technological literacy, and that's where we come in. Not only will we aim to provide a cost-competitive solution, but we also aim to provide the easiest solution yet for all business owners to create an e-commerce platform.

What it does

Nomnom is an application that brings the conveniences of modern apps, such as Uber Eats, to the dine-in scene. Nomnom enhances already typical restaurant solutions to the covid-19 pandemic and streamlines it with online order and checkout. Nomnom minimizes contact between the restaurant and the diners by utilizing QRcode features to directly sent customers to the online menu. Customers can order and checkout through the app using Stripe which saves time and reduces all unnecessary contact. Nomnom is a service like no other in the industry, we put restaurants and customers above profits. Nomnom only charges the absolute necessary fees and covers the rest through advertisements and a premium subscription business model. Nomnom makes the partnership process easy and streamlined with the use of Documenu we're able to pull updated menu information at a restaurants' request and add the to the platform faster than anyone else. Ultimately, Nomnom makes the Dine-in experience familiar, convenient, and safer.

How we built it

NomNom takes advantage of different APIs and services to bring the barrier to entry, as low as possible. Taking advantage of Documenu, a service that has the menu for almost all restaurants in the US, NomNom makes the process of launching automated restaurant management, a one-click process. Restaurant owners find their restaurant in our search bar and a single click is all it takes for them to join our platform. NomNom will then create an online menu for them, where customers can explore, order, and pay using their credit cards, right from their phones. NumNum will also use third-party services to generate QR codes, which can be put on tables of restaurants. The QR codes will directly link to Nomnom's platform where the restaurant and the table are recognized.

Challenges we ran into

  • Time constraint
  • Complex technical solution
  • Lack of access to already existing entity matching infrastructure

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Fully functioning MVP
  • Multiple API's consumed
  • Have fun!

What we learned

Coming into this we had no experience with retrieving and handling restaurant menu data which lead us to scour the web for a service which suited provided rich restaurant menu data which landed us on DocuMenu! We used this data to integrate a rich and intuitive user interface, an area in which many of us had honed our skills throughout this project by using robust and dynamic CSS-in-JS styling. Last but not least we learned how much we could accomplish propelled by our ambitions and our revolutionary idea!

What's next for Nomnom

  • Completing scanning of QR Codes directly in the app
  • Translate directly from PDF menus to build e-commerce platforms
  • Deploy to app stores via React Native

By completing these features, we aim to complete our goal of creating a platform that will aid the small business industry that may not have easy access to technology.

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