On-Demand food delivery.

Hungry in the library? Too busy or lazy to leave your spot but you want food NOW? Or maybe you have some free time on your hands and want to make cash. Many restaurants charge absurd delivery fees and tips. Some don't even deliver. With nommit, anybody can sign up to deliver food and anybody can get food from wherever, whenever.

As a deliverer, you get to see all food requests and select which ones you want to take on. Users will pay you for the food and leave you a tip after. It's a quick way to earn some extra cash on your way back from Chipotle.

As a poor, hungry person, you can get your favorite food from anywhere! You choose how much to tip and there are no delivery fees.

Nommit gathers data from Locu and shows you the best restaurants nearby, along with the menu and price of each item at the restaurant. You can search for your favorites and fill your tummy ASAP.

(because one of the API's we are using won't run on the iPhone simulator, we are unable to provide a screencast. come visit to see it in action though!)

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