The current eco-system suffers from UX problems. New users have to deal with new chrome extension.

What it does

A user needs to scan QR code once per DApp to start a session (kind of login). Once the session is created, every outgoing ETH transaction will ask for approval on the mobile. As per user's approval, the mobile app will sign the transaction and sends back to DApp. If DApp asks for auto-approval for next couple of (rule-based) transactions, a user can opt for it for better UX.

How we built it

We are using web3-nomask-provider to send transactions to mobile through the bridge server for signing. Bridge server just saves encrypted data on the server and notifies the mobile app using push notification. Mobile app decrypts the dat, signs it and sends it to the bridge. DApp will keep listening to the response.

If the transaction contains rule-based information, a mobile app will ask for users' permission for auto-approve. And based on user consent, it will auto approves the next transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We integrated this solution into the existing solution - Decentraland marketplace.

What we learned

So many things :)

What's next for nomask

We want to make it more polished, add more rules and make it secure. And of course, acquire users and DApps.

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