Brief 🤓

The Nomad Tycoon combines traditional board game with modern metaverse to create an enjoyable game which can be played by everyone in a immersive manner. It provides a great experience as users get the experience of building their own empire and turn their character into a business tycoon.

Nomad Tycoon is a real life simulation game in which every player gets equal opportunity to become a Tycoon by managing their assets properly


Why ❓

Gamers have recently understood that centralized institutions are fragile. Many game servers are shut down and users are enable to retain there assets which took them years to earn. We can make asset ownership more transparent and trusted with Blockchain. With the influx of new gamers around the world due to various reasons like cheap internet and compute devices. The blockchain gaming industry is still very nascent and there is a huge potential for growth. This game is a real life tycoon game with alluring graphics and play to earn mechanics will onboard games from web2 world as well as web3. We built it on CoinEX as it provides fast and cheap transaction settlements.

Gameplay 🥂

Be the Most wealthy Tycoon

The core of the game lies in managing your assets and growing your enterprise. The players can explore new city in order to evaluate the opportuinities offered by each cities but the catch is they can only move between islands by rolling the dice and they only get a few moves each day. The player in the game also needs certain amenities such as food, sleep and health and the players must provide this necessities otherwise they end up paying hefty fines

When a player travels to other islands they are provided with the opportunities to buy various different businesses such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals which will be than utilized by other players and provide revenue to the owners.

We also have several recreational activities for the player to enjoy and chill such as casino where players can play those games and enjoy themselves as well as movie theatres to get entertained with their friends.

To give a more detail overview of the Tokenomics

  • Nomcoin : This is the main currency of the game which can be used to buy all the assets like hotels/restaurants/mall .
  • Businesses : There are several business which players can buy and generate revenue from but it's in the players hand how they manage this business and keep them profitable. We currently have 3 businesses available. - Hotels - Restaurants - Hospitals

  • Cards : Cards are like special passes which players can utilize to get certain benefits. different kind of cards have different benefits and they can be found while players roam in the city. we have different cards with different features. - Health Card - Steal Card - Food Card - Skip Card

The contract is dynamic and allows the addition of assets so we can add more building and asset to the game without redeploying the contract

Architecture 🏗️

Usually Gamers spend a lot of there time and effort to advance in a game and when online games shut down or there servers are compromised there is a significant amount of value loss here. Some of the rare assets even take years of hardwork to earn. But when this efforts are spent on centralized games there is a high chance that in future you might not be able to retain ownership of your assets. We aim to solve this by creating a game in which all assets are stored as NFT so that owner can retain full ownership of there assets. We have devised our architecture to resolve this shortfalls of traditional games.

Assets as NFT and Logic : Our game logic is transparent and verifiable as we are using smart-contracts for our backend logics. We have deployed our smartcontracts on the CoinEX . CoinEX provides free faster transactions to users and it improve the user experience of the game.

Attractions 🚀

Metaverse : Players always like a game in which they can interact with other players we have embeded a metaverse into our game so players can interact and make friends as well as business partners inside the game.

Fun Activities : Beside the main objective of the game there are several mini challenges and activities which players can enjoy such as casino's and clubs. There are various mini-games such as slot machines as well as wheel of fortunes for players

Entertainment : There is a high demand of infinite games on the blockchain with real entertainment values most of the games on the blockchain are currently just an elaborate way to swap your assets but we want to priortize entertainment to attract more users

Decentralized : The goal is to transition towards a decentralized DAO in the longterm to be sustainable and keep the product development as decentralized as possible. A proper documentation will be provided for governance and contributions

Why CoinEX ?

CoinEX chain is essentially providing us fast and low-cost transactions to scale our metaverse for mases.

Cost Efficient : CoinEX chain provides very competitive pricing for hosting and executing backend code which makes CoinEX chain very attractive

Easy Learning Curve : We really liked how detailed the documentations are which accounts for faster development from team. Solidity is already a well known language.

Future Developments 🔮

  • Adding more Islands : This will make the game more lucrative for users and they will have more islands to explore
  • Adding Assets : Providing more ways to users for earning adding more properties such as fast-food chains and factories
  • Providing Liquidity : Providing liquidity on various DEX on Coinex chain for our native token so players can easily get them
  • More Gamification : In order to maintain user retention we have planned more gaming elements which will keep them hooked
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