It feels like free WiFi is always a flip of a coin!
If it doesn't work then you've just wasted time connecting to a network that dozens of others have also failed to connect. Why should you have to ask a friend what their WiFi password is? Will we forever need to ask work colleagues how to spell their WiFi password? bout the owner gets some reward out of sharing to boot! That's what we aim to do.

That was the start of the ideation, then it evolved to why cant we have ubiquitous reliable, safe, secure & FREE hotspots by mix all the advantages of "Closed WiFi" with all the advantages of "Open Wifi"? So I started mapping it out, writing a whitepaper, getting provisional patents & YOLOing it on a last minute flight from New Zealand to Berkeley on a mission to get a MVP & build my network.

What it does

Our product allows device owners to share free wifi to anyone. The device owners are rewarded with project token WAVE in direct proportion to the number of people they provide internet.

We built a yield farming DeFi protocol for wifi router device owners. The yield farming dApp allows device owners to stake stable coins cUSD and earn yield in native token WAVE.

How we built it

Backend: Celo
Frontend: React
Contract: ContractKit + Soliditiy + Truffle + Ganache
Contract deployment: Three smart contracts deployed to Celo Alfajores Testnet.
Contract addresses:

Challenges we ran into

Network config issues regarding how to post to Celo network.
Documentation regarding correct ports.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working demo!

What we learned

Celo is a great network. Great company support!

What's next for Nomad Nodes

Funding, Further Development & Beta!


Built With

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